A Few More Fifties Fashions

Some of my favorite fifties fashions can be found at My Vintage Vogue. I especially like Jessica’s dedication to citing the sources of all the magazine and pattern book images found on her blog.

Although you can find fashions there ranging from the 1920’s through the 1960’s, the 1950’s are my favorite.

Many fifties ladies opted to make their clothes using patterns that copied the latest couture fashions.

Vogue Pattern 1956 Pencil Skirt Suit
Vogue Pattern 1956

How classy is this 1957 Georgia Bullock knit skirt and blouse set? I say very.

George Bullock 1957 Knit Skirt
Georgia Bullock 1957 Knit Skirt and Blouse

For our younger ladies, these 1953 Celanese Junior Formals were especially popular.

Celanese 1953 Junior Formals
Celanese 1953 Junior Formals

I will certainly be bringing you more fashion images from My Vintage Vogue.


I was born in a small town in southern USA in the early 1950's. As the beautiful and glamorous Rita Hayworth was popular when my mom and dad were dating, I was named Rita. I love everything fifties and especially the fashions and celebrities from that era.

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