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As you look through my Living-Fifties-Fashion website you will see I am enamored with the 1950s. My life continues to center around all things from my childhood. This website will bring you a peek into an era that never lost favor with me and is now enjoying a renewed interest by many. Although I will never claim to be an authority on those times, I will offer insight into my early life in relation to other happenings during that time.

Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth

I still have a copy of the bill for my delivery at the local hospital. The $22.00 total for a two night room rate, delivery room, lab and an identification bracelet is proof of my 1950’s birth.  I have often wondered how my dad was able to pay the bill in full on a gas station attendant’s wages.

I am a registered nurse in the home health field and while that is not pertinent to the website, it leads me to a little story about Rita Hayworth. I once met someone who noted the name Rita on my identification badge. “Do you know there was a Saint Rita?” he asked. read the story of Saint Rita here When I said I was named after Rita Hayworth, his very serious reply was, “I don’t think she was a saint.”

Except for a couple of short stays in Oklahoma, Mama and Daddy raised me and my younger brother and sister in a small southern town near our grandparent’s farm.

Daddy had eight brothers and sisters so there were cousins galore to play with.

Me Watching TV
Watching TV

I was in the second grade when we got our first television set. The Lone Ranger was the first program to come on. I was glued to those black and white images from that moment on and became the family’s equivalent to a TV guide. It was a little easier to keep track of then as we only received two clear channels and the ABC network only intermittently.

This picture is all about the fifties. I am watching the very small television that sits on a blond end table. Note the tiered lampshade, fiberglass curtains, and cabbage rose patterned wallpaper. My little sister’s rocking chair is in front of the TV too.

I am wearing my aunt’s grey felt circle skirt that my Grandma had cut down to fit me. My can-can slip and bobby socks peek out from underneath. I am surprised I don’t have on those indestructible saddle shoes Mama was forever buying me. I still remember being excited when I graduated to penny loafers.

Although I may not have always been a happy child, I only remember happiness.


As that pretty much gets me out of the fifties, I will tell you about now. I did grow up, marry, have children, and now I have grandchildren. My husband I live in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley area where we see our four grandchildren frequently. We still work full time but are counting down until retirement. Unfortunately we are still counting in years.

Cowboy Grandpa
Oklahoma City Grandma
My Little Mama

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