Just Dance

Our youngest granddaughter was once grounded from all electronic devices. Although I cannot imagine what could have transpired to warrant that sweet child the loss of all television and video game privileges, being the wise grandmother that I am, I did not ask. When I saw her next though, I asked what she had doneRead More

My Birthday is Today

For those of you who have not already guessed, I was born in the 1950’s. I will show you a copy of my hospital bill where you can see I cost a grand total of $22.00. Click to enlarge the image and check out the crazy room rates. Apparently mama did not need any prescriptionRead More

Mama and Rita

Mama at 13 in 1947

Sometimes your mind does funny things. For years now I have envisioned my Mama looking just like Rita Hayworth. It is probably because my Daddy’s sisters say she looked like Rita Hayworth the first time he brought her home to meet his family. I remember her in bright red lipstick…just like Rita. She pin-curled herRead More