My Agent “O” Hairstyle

We are watching “Men In Black 3” again. The premise of the story is that Agent J has to go back in time to rescue Agent K. Most of the movie takes place in 1969. I can remember every hairstyle in the movie and in fact wore mine like many of them.

My Agent O Hairstyle

I used a lot of “Dippity Do” hair gel to effect this flip hairstyle and often slept in brush rollers. Poor daddy said the Aqua Net hairspray fumes nearly choked him to death.

I asked Hubby if he remembers my hair like this but he just gave me one of those looks that I recognize as, “I want to say yes but really have no idea what she is talking about” looks. I guess I didn’t make that much of an impression on him in the tenth grade.

First Grade Picture
First Grade Picture

I also found this picture of me in the first grade. My bangs aren’t as short in this picture as they usually were. Mama was forever whacking my bangs off too short – usually right before picture day.

The only reason I am including this is that it made me remember I started first grade at Hurie School then moved across town in the second grade to have my group picture taken at Michie School in shorts because I forgot it was picture day. We moved back near Hurie in third grade to have Miss Misenhimer for a teacher. Miss Misenhimer was one of my favorite teachers and she taught daddy when he was in school. She never married.

Mama and Daddy moved around an awful lot. My Aunt reminded me this weekend the first thing Mama did when she moved in was put up her curtains.

Barkcloth Drapery Fabric

Mama once had barkcloth draperies in a print similar to this. I hated them.

Whatever was I thinking?



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