My Birthday is Today

For those of you who have not already guessed, I was born in the 1950’s. I will show you a copy of my hospital bill where you can see I cost a grand total of $22.00. Click to enlarge the image and check out the crazy room rates.

Hospital Bill
Hospital Bill

Apparently mama did not need any prescription drugs and chose not to pay the extra cost of an electric fan. She did buy me an identification bracelet though. How great would it be to find that tiny beaded bracelet?

Here is picture of me in the first grade.

First Grade Picture
First Grade Picture

My mama walked with me the first day of school but after that I walked alone. It was only six or seven blocks but it seems so odd to think about kids walking to school alone nowadays. I carried my Big Chief tablet paper in the cutest little plaid book satchel.

That reminds me of the time our grandson said he had received a tablet for Christmas. His grandpa asked if it was a Big Chief tablet. Naturally Blake had no idea what that was.

The little dress I am wearing was a red gingham checked dress with puff sleeves. I am sure it was cotton and needed ironing. It had a solid red pinafore but I was not wearing it picture day.

I usually wore my hair pulled back into a ponytail with barrettes. Sometimes I wore it in braids or what we commonly called “pigtails.”

Sometime later I will tell you my Tonette home permanent horror stories.





I was born in a small town in southern USA in the early 1950's. As the beautiful and glamorous Rita Hayworth was popular when my mom and dad were dating, I was named Rita. I love everything fifties and especially the fashions and celebrities from that era.

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