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Babs Bobbi Pins Ad
Babs Bobbi Pins Ad

You can master perfect pin-curls with this authentic 1950’s how-to guide from the July 1952 Good Housekeeping women’s magazine. The technique is pretty simple but will take some practice. All you will need is bobbi pins, a comb, and water to moisten your hair. I haven’t seen Babs Bob-Pins on the market but any brand will do.

A rubber tip on each pin is essential. You will understand why if you scrape an untipped pin across your scalp.

Using a comb, part off the section of hair you are working on and pin the rest out of the way. Neatly pick up a little strand to make the first curl. Dampen each strand with water before curling.

Curls turning forward. Turn or wrap the end of the strand around the tip of your index finger, slip it off, and roll the ringlet up to the scalp, turning it toward your face like the loose tress shown in Picture 1.

Curls brushed back. Make the pin curl in the same way, but turn it away from the face as shown in Picture 2. If you wish to set a wave, make three rows, the first close to the hairline and turning forward, the other two turning back.

Stand-up curl. If you like height above your brow, make the pin curl as described above, but stand it on end, and place your pin at its base. To keep the curl shapely and upright, it may help to tuck a cotton ball in the center of the ringlet.

To set the back. Be careful to section off each row of pin-curls neatly, and to make each ringlet the same size and shape. Then all you have to remember is to turn toward the face the first pin curl or two next to the ear on the heavy side of the hair (opposite your part). The others all roll in the other direction.

To complete the authentic retro look, be sure to wrap and tie a chiffon scarf around the curls while they dry.

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