Root Beer Floats

Root Beer Float

Root beer always makes me remember The Frosty Mug. Although they served burgers, hot dogs, and fries, I only remember having the huge frosty mugs of root beer capped with frothy bubbles. The car hops would bring them on a tray that attached to the car window glass. Just like in the movies.

We rarely enjoyed sodas when we were young. If we did stop for a treat after a hot summer car ride, it was especially enjoyable. Daddy didn’t always stop when we asked for one. For some reason, whether we got a root beer or not depended upon whether Mama wanted one. What was up with that? She never wanted a root beer as often as my brother and I.

I wonder what kids today will be remembering from their childhood? I am sure it won’t be a soda. It probably won’t be a drive-in/drive-through restaurant either. And do any families just drive around in their car without a set destination anymore?

Why am I so sentimental about root beer anyway?


I was born in a small town in southern USA in the early 1950's. As the beautiful and glamorous Rita Hayworth was popular when my mom and dad were dating, I was named Rita. I love everything fifties and especially the fashions and celebrities from that era.

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