The Old Home Place

Old Home Place
Old Home Place

My cousin rode her bicycle to my grandparent’s old home place.  This is the home my parents brought me to when I was born and where I was tended by my grandmother for the first ten days of my life.

My grandparents bought the house in the thirties and most of their nine children were born here. During the night after grandma had delivered one of her babies, she asked grandpa to get her a drink of water. He promptly went to the well on the back porch, drank a dipper full of  cool water, and went right back to bed. He had no recollection of the incident but grandma never forgot.

This is the home both of my grandparents lived in when they passed away. It remains in our family today.




I was born in a small town in southern USA in the early 1950's. As the beautiful and glamorous Rita Hayworth was popular when my mom and dad were dating, I was named Rita. I love everything fifties and especially the fashions and celebrities from that era.

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